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Puff Pastry Black Sesame Tangyuan
Snack Recipes

Puff Pastry Black Sesame Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Ball)

Do you think tangyuan only can be eaten with sweet soup? Today we use another simple and fast cooking method to make this popular Taiwanese snack, puff pastry black sesame tangyuan. It has a rich taste with crispy puff pastry and sweet filling. I believe you would like it. Let’s do it! YIELD: 4 servings  …

Taiwanese Fried Chicken
Snack Recipes

Taiwanese Fried Chicken (Popcorn chicken)

Taiwanese fried chicken is one of the most popular street food in Taiwan. A lot of people love to eat it for the last night’s supper. It is the perfect combination of fried chicken and basil for a more fragrant taste. You should try out this flavorful fried chicken. Just follow this recipe step-by-step to …

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