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Omega H3000D Juicer
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Omega H3000D Juicer [Review]

Masticating juicers such as the Omega Cold Press H3000D use gentle power and a low speed to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and taste from ingredients. In the end, your body gets all the vital nutrients from ingredients to boost immunity, shed weight, and stay healthy. This Omega blender lets you juice anything you …

Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Juicer
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Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Juicer [Review]

Whilst centrifugal juicers can make juice super-fast, you can get far more health benefits using a masticating juicer. Omega is a leading brand in making masticating juicers suitable for celery, wheatgrass, and coffee beans. The Omega MM900HDS medium-slow masticating juicer is compact, operates silently, and comes with dishwasher-safe parts. Read our Omega Medical Medium juicer …

Bagotte Large Juicer Machines
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Bagotte Large Juicer Machines [Review]

In case you’re scouting a compact juice maker to prepare single servings, then the Bagotte juicer is a great option. This is the upgraded version of DB-001 designed with a 1000-watt motor to produce 1100ml of juice in less than 10 seconds. Bagotte is an upcoming brand that produces easy-to-use juicers that are easy to …

Omega MM900HDS Juicer
Tools & equitment Juicers

Omega MM900HDS Juicer [Review]

Centrifugal juicers still extract juice from celery, but it ends up damaging too many nutrients. Although it’s healing when you consume right away after juicing, a slow masticating juicer like the Omega MM900HDS can help you produce high-quality juice that’s richer in nutrients. It doesn’t generate as much heat when juicing, which preserves nutrients from …

Bagotte BSJ80 Masticating Juicer
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Bagotte BSJ80 Masticating Juicer [Review]

You deserve a thick, cold-pressed juice that’s loaded with antioxidants and nutrients. Working at about 80 rpm, the Bagotte sports a 150-watt motor making it one of the best slow juicers. Unlike fast juicers that spin at high speeds to extract juice, slow juice extractors squeeze the fruits against a wall chamber to minimize exposure …