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Aicok 5 Qt Stand Mixer
Mixers Tools & equitment

Aicok 5 Qt Stand Mixer [Review]

If you are a sucker for baking, you will agree that having the right utensils is everything. It’s one thing to have all the ingredients, but it’s a high-quality appliance that you need to mix these ingredients. The Aicok stand mixer has everything you need to make tasty loaves and might be the perfect kitchen …

Decen Electric Hand Mixer
Mixers Tools & equitment

Decen Electric Hand Mixer [Review]

If you are on the lookout for a durable stainless steel hand mixer, then this mixer might be what you need. With numerous speeds, this new generation hand-held electric mixer offers a more powerful motor to cook anything from whipping eggs to bread and heavy cream. The Decen is among the best hand mixers for …